What Is Unlocking and how does it work?

Motorola Cell phones are normally locked onto one service provider only.  This allows the service provider to offer their various services and bonuses to their network members when they use their mobile phone service.  This, however, limits the owner of the mobile phone to simply using the mobile service provider’s network only and not of any other.  This means that the normal promotional rate the provider offers on calls within the same network does not apply to calls to other networks.  This also means that should the owner of the mobile phone decide to go someplace else, perhaps outside of the country where the provider is based, the owner must avail of the roaming service of the provider, which can be rather expensive.

Unlocking a mobile phones releases it from the confines of the network by allowing you mobile phone to use SIM cards from other networks, even local ones if you happen to be travelling, thus allowing you to avail of local rates and promos, and thereby save significantly on calls made on your unlock Motorola mobile phone.

Methods of unlocking Motorola Cell Phones:

There are mainly two primary methods employed when unlocking a mobile phone, although the method used to unlock a handset could largely depend on the manufacturer, as well as the mobile phone service.

Cable Unlocking: This method for unlocking is accomplished by using a USB cable, a personal computer, and Motorolaunlocksoftware.com’s unlocking software.  The unlocking software performs one of two processes, depending on the type of mobile phone that you have

1. Partial flashing process: The software patches a small fragment of the phone's software to open the 'locks'.  Often this process is as simple as changing the phone number on the mobile phone.

2. Code reading process: The software accesses your phone's internal hardware, locates the unlock code stored on the mobile phone, and the displays it on your computer monitor for you to enter into the code into the mobile phone yourself.

The entire procedure is safe and as long as the instructions are specifically followed, it will not damage the mobile phone in anyway, nor will anything about your IMEI be altered, and the same goes for any additional information being written to the phone.

Why unlock your Motorola Cell Phone ?

There are many benefits to having your mobile phone unlocked, including:

  • Ability to use any SIM card on any network
  • Ability to take advantage of roaming services offered by most major networks
  • Possibility of dual, tri or even quad band functions allowing you to use your phone in even more countries around the globe.

Frequently asked questions:

Is there any risk involved?

There is absolutely no risk involved in the process and your mobile phone is free from harm.

Is the unlocking procedure legal?

If you happen to won the mobile phone that you are unlocking, the it is perfectly legal.  Mobile phone service providers and manufacturers are required by law to supply unlocking codes themselves.


Unlocking Motorola is a completely legal process that allows you to use your unlocked motorola cell phone on any other networks, including the original network provider as well.